Our mission is to protect the real estate industry and your livelihood.

Our large and active membership, strong Political Action Committees, and effective lobbying helps produce a strong real estate industry in Louisiana.

"Ensure and Invest in your Industry"

  • Awarded for Excellence in Political Advocacy: Louisiana REALTORS® has received NAR’s President’s Cup, the highest national award for excellence in political advocacy and fundraising, for three consecutive years in 2014, 2015, and 2016.

  • Winning in the Legislature: During the three legislative sessions in 2016, Louisiana REALTORS® won on 10 of 11 of our top issues and priorities impacting the real estate industry.

  • Preventing Harmful Real Estate Taxes: In 2011, Louisiana REALTORS® mounted a massive and successful statewide campaign to pass a constitutional amendment that prohibited a real estate transfer tax. This constitutional amendment protecting the real estate industry passed with support of 81 percent of Louisiana voters. Louisiana REALTORS® successfully lobbied the legislature to put this transfer tax ban on the ballot, and carried out a campaign to secure its passage by the state’s voters.

  • Keeping Your Taxes Low: Louisiana REALTORS® is focused on maintaining critical tax benefits for real estate -- the tax treatment of real estate is critical to both consumers and REALTORS®, and necessary to protect investments and maintain a strong industry. Louisiana REALTORS is committed to ensuring a favorable tax code, including opposition to proposals that would create a professional services tax, reduce the homestead exemption, and reduce or eliminate the personal income tax itemized deduction that includes tax breaks for mortgage interest and property taxes.

  • Monitoring Real Estate Regulations and Laws: Louisiana REALTORS attends the regular meetings at the Louisiana Real Estate Commission (LREC) and advocates on your behalf. In addition to monitoring LREC rules and regulations, Louisiana REALTORS® also closely watches other state agencies’ regulatory proposals that may impact the real estate industry.

  • Invest and Insure Your Industry: Put simply, investing and contributing to the Political Action Committees (PAC) is insurance for your business. Louisiana REALTORS® has two PACs to support candidates that support our industry: Louisiana REALTORS® Political Action Committee (LARPAC) and Friends of Louisiana Real Estate. LARPAC is the largest trade association PAC in the state and contributes to candidates with pro-REALTOR positions and records. Friends of Louisiana Real Estate is our independent expenditure PAC that allows us to support certain candidates with political activity such as radio, digital ads, and direct mail. Please consider investing in Louisiana REALTORS®’ PACs with a generous contribution -- it’s critical to keep our seat at the table by staying involved in the political process.

  • Contacting Your Lawmakers: It is incredibly powerful and effective when elected officials hear directly from you, a constituent and an engaged voter. Louisiana REALTORS have an easy system for our members to email their own legislators on key REALTOR issues through our “Call For Action” program. This program is easy, and it only takes less than one minute of your time. After you receive our “Call For Action” email alert, click the link, fill out your contact information, and your legislators automatically receive an email from you about a key issue that is being debated. This communication is highly impactful to get our REALTOR® message through and make sure your voice is heard in the legislative process.

  • Attending Outreach Events and Meeting Your Elected Officials: Louisiana REALTORS® have numerous opportunities throughout the year and across the state and in Washington DC to meet with state legislators and your congressmen and senators. These outreach events are great to give our members access to elected officials and demonstrate our members’ commitment to a strong real estate industry.

  • Participating in Legislative Bill Review: Each year, our volunteer members who are interested in legislation attend an annual bill review meeting with Louisiana REALTORS® staff and contract lobbyist to review all legislation filed that may affect the real estate industry and identifying our top priorities to support and oppose for the legislative session.

  • Louisiana REALTORS® Spring Into Action Meeting: Louisiana REALTORS host a spring meeting in Baton Rouge each year near the beginning of the legislative session. REALTORS® also have a chance to relax and personally visit with many Louisiana legislators at our annual crawfish boil hosted at the Louisiana REALTORS® downtown office.

  • Regional Legislative Outreach Events: Your area’s legislators are invited to attend and visit with you at our annual legislative outreach events in conjunction with your local REALTOR® board. This is an ideal time to hear from your legislators, and for them to hear from you on what important issues will be debated during the legislative session. Importantly, these Louisiana REALTORS® outreach events are held throughout the state giving our members a convenient opportunity to personally meet their elected officials.

  • NAR Washington DC and Capitol Hill Meetings: The annual NAR Washington DC meeting is a great opportunity to go to Capitol Hill to meet your congressmen and senators and discuss key federal issues. Louisiana REALTORS® hosts a Capitol Hill event inviting our entire Louisiana delegation exclusively to visit with our members. In addition to the NAR programs, Louisiana REALTORS® has a special night out in Washington with our members to enjoy the Nation’s Capital.

  • Fundraising Events: Louisiana REALTORS® and local REALTOR® boards have several fundraising events throughout the year such as auctions, raffles, and other entertainment. These fun events are great opportunities to support your industry by supporting the PAC, as well as networking with other Louisiana REALTORS® in your area and across Louisiana.

Public service can be incredibly rewarding. There are nearly 100 Louisiana REALTORS serving in elected office throughout the state. Our members serve in various offices from city council to the state legislature. This puts REALTORS® at the forefront of public leadership and policy making.

We’re always looking for ways to help encourage our members to serve in public office and to support those who are in office. Louisiana REALTORS® has held a special program featuring a national political consultant to speak and train our members about running for office and campaigning. Louisiana REALTORS® also has assisted members through independent expenditures to support REALTORS®’ campaigns.

If you are a Louisiana REALTOR® and thinking about running for elected office, please contact us to learn about how the association can help.

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