legal hotline

The Louisiana REALTORS® Legal Hotline is a member service provided to Broker members and provides access to legal advice without hourly fees. Questions received through the Hotline help in tracking issues of concern and can aid in developing programs and services to address them.

Broker members may submit questions pertaining to real estate law and compliance issues only and is not intended for specific transactions. Questions are submitted using the Legal Hotline Form. Your question will then be referred to the appropriate legal counsel and a response will be sent to you within two business days.



The Legal Hotline Service and Legal Hotline Archives are intended to assist Association members with general questions regarding the real estate industry and other developments affecting real estate brokerage and sales, and to supplement educational programs of the Association.

The Legal Hotline Service is a source of information for your exclusive use. All responses featured in the Legal Hotline Archives are time sensitive. The Association cannot warrant the accuracy of the information contained in the responses as undisclosed facts, varying circumstances, changes in the law or regulations and Courts’ decisions may impact the responses.

The Legal Hotline Service and Legal Hotline Archives are for informational purposes only. The Association members are responsible for contacting their own attorneys for advice regarding legal issues.