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This was a busy week at the Capitol and lots of bills are in various phases of the legislative process. The following provides an update on key pieces of legislation that the LR Lobbying Team is following and actively monitoring. For questions contact: Kim Callaway, Director of Legal & Government Affairs. 

House Bill No. 659, Representative Kenny Havard –
Limitations on Non-Consensual Towing

This bill would require sign off from law enforcement prior to any vehicle being towed by property owner. Current law allows a property owner to have a vehicle towed without permission of the vehicle owner or law enforcement as long the owner of the property or authorized representative signs off on the tow or there are signs posted on the property warning that a vehicle may be towed if improperly or illegally parked.  

Louisiana REALTORS® is monitoring this bill as it progresses to ensure that property owners will be represented.

House Bill No. 617, Representative Stephanie Hilferty – Residential Property Disclosure

Louisiana REALTORS® had this legislation filed to clarify existing law following the Valobra v. Nelson case and the subsequent changes to the residential property disclosure form.

The bill now heads to the House floor for further debate.

House Bill No. 748, Representative Julie Emerson – Establishes Review of Occupational Licenses

This bill seeks to interject additional processes by which law and regulations regarding occupations and professions are established and modified.

Louisiana REALTORS® believes the bill is too vague as written and creates unnecessary problems for the real estate industry.  We will discuss amendments with the author and if she is not amendable we will continue with our opposition.

Senate Bill No. 462, Senator Danny Martiny – Inclusionary Zoning

The passage of Senate Bill No. 462 would allow property developers to build more units and protect private property rights.  Louisiana REALTORS® will be putting out a Call for Action for you to encourage your Senator to support this legislation very soon.

House Bill No. 383, Representative Paula Davis –
First Time Homebuyer Rebate

This is Louisiana REALTORS’® initiative to establish a first-time home buyer rebate. This bill will be set for hearing by House Committee on Appropriations in the coming days. There remains an uphill battle to get this bill passed.  Members of the House of Representatives remain open to the idea despite the budget deficit, but members of the Senate have expressed more resistance to the bill because of the budget deficit.  Members should continue efforts to educate their legislators on the benefits this rebate could provide for future homeowners.