Louisiana senators approved Monday night legislation that would assert state authority over local zoning efforts to create affordable housing. Currently, Louisiana allows municipalities and parishes to pass inclusionary zoning ordinances to promote the development of affordable housing.  Inclusionary zoning requires housing developers to sell or rent a proportion of their units below market rate, regardless of the economics of a project or whether the developer receives just compensation. 

Senate Bill 462 would instead allow municipalities and parishes to offer VOLUNTARY economic incentive policies to promote the development of affordable housing.The measure was approved on a vote of 26-11. SB462 would replace the term “inclusionary zoning” with “voluntary economic incentive policies,” which will allow parishes and municipalities to incentivize affordable housing opportunities by limiting regulatory burdens on the housing industry.

State Sen. Danny Martiny, the Metairie Republican who sponsored the measure, pointed out that a similar bill was approved last year by the state Senate, then was sidelined in the House on promises that the New Orleans City Council would address the issue.

Louisiana REALTORS has been working with homebuilders, developers, and other entities to follow this issue. Members were alerted with a Call for Action over the past couple of weeks and over 700+ responded by contacting their senators. The legislation now heads to the Louisiana House for consideration and we encourage members to stay engaged on this issue. 

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Portions of this post were taken from an article originally published in the Advocate -
by Mark Ballard on April 9, 2018