When it comes to buying a home you’ll have a lot of questions.  How many bedrooms?  How’s the commute?  Are the schools good? They go on and one, and they should, buying a house is a big commitment that takes a big decision.  Luckily you have a REALTOR® to help you find the answers to these questions and make the best decision for you and your family.  However, there are a few questions that may not be on your list, but should be.  Here are three questions every homebuyer should ask their REALTOR®.

What is the sales history of the home?

Understanding the price and value of a home is a key trait of any real estate professional.  If a home has struggled to sell and remained on the market, you could make a competitive offer and walk away with a nice deal.  If home prices in that area have consistently increased over the years, you could be in store for a sound investment. 

Which Concessions are reasonable and worth requesting?  Which aren’t?

Of course, we each have our own tastes and preferences when it comes to style and other amenities.  However, knowing when to push for something and when to let it go can save you a lot of time and money in the home buying process.  Working with a REALTOR®, that has a thorough understanding of your best interest can guide you in deciding on what you should and shouldn’t demand from the seller.

What’s Going on in the Area?

Your REALTOR® should be knowledgeable and professional about your prospective new neighborhood.  A big part of this is being aware of any upcoming HOA assessments.  These assessments will influence your monthly expenses, so knowing what to expect can be a big help.  It’s also important to know about any new amenities that are in the works like nearby retail, parks, pools, infrastructure and more.  Understanding what’s going on, and what is expected to occur in your new neck of the woods is very important.