Every golf bag has a certain combination of clubs.  Each one designed to achieve a certain result; crafted to be dependable in its intended situation.  The traits you possess as a REALTOR® are not dissimilar.  The arduous journey of any real estate transaction presents a number of obstacles, challenges, and opportunities.  How you use your professional traits to respond to each of them is how you separate yourself as a REALTOR®.  While a golfer has a driver, irons, wedges, and a putter in their bag, what tools should you have in yours?

Honesty and Integrity

First and foremost, and one of the key qualifications of being a REALTOR® as your bound to these principles by the REALTOR’S® Code of Ethics, is honesty and integrity.  These traits along with your distinction as a REALTOR are what offer you a powerful competitive advantage.  Earning the trust of your clients during one of the most significant events of their life cannot be overstated.

Communication Skills

The ins and outs of buying or selling a home can make your spin, that’s even truer for your clients.  With all of the different parties and processes involved, communication is key.  From clearly explaining current and next steps to potential advantages and disadvantages of certain decisions to aligning conversations between the relevant and appropriate people can and will make everything run more smoothly.

Negotiation Skills

At the end of the day, this is a business decision for everyone involved, and the bottom line needs to be considered.  As a REALTOR®, you have a duty to provide your client with the best possible outcome, and that will largely come down to negotiation.  Your experience and knowledge need to be able to represent your client from either side of the transaction in the best way possible.  By understanding the value of what is being bought or sold, and why it holds that value, along with the ability to communicate and defend that position, you will be able to be the resource that your client deserves.


Knowing what to expect during each part of the home buying and selling process, as well as the particular details of what your client needs is paramount.  Location, taxes, schools, commute, amenities, valuation trends, and more are what your clients expect from you.  Using this knowledge to assist in making offers and recognizing inconsistencies will give you allow you to reach the best result for your client.


Timeliness is essential in real estate.  Offers come and go, decisions need to made, and information needs to be shared.  In a client-facing role like yours, returning texts, emails, and phone calls in a timely manner is vital.  It shows that you are engaged and care about your client’s needs.