The holidays are hectic.  From shopping to decorating to traveling there is always a lot to do.  Winding down the year with all of these festivities combined with the thought that spring is the ideal time to list your home, makes putting your home on the market right after New Year’s a tough decision to make; but maybe it shouldn’t be.

While spring may still be the peak home shopping season, as people want to be able to move while their kids are out of school; selling your home in the winter does offer some competitive advantages.

·         Less competition: With spring being the most popular time to list a home, getting a head start in January means that you’ll have fewer homes to compete with. 

·         Preparation time: Planning with your REALTOR can take time for getting your home ready to sell.  Even if you don’t put your home on the market it January, beginning earlier in the year will put you ahead of the curve.

·         Buyers are looking all day, every day:  With the limitless number of resources available now, potential home buyers are looking year round.  You now have a captive audience, and listing your home in a quieter time of the year will give you more exposure.

If you are considering selling your home, the most important step is to find a REALTOR.  A REALTOR’S experience, expertise, and resources will give you the best opportunity to quickly, efficiently, and successfully sell your home, no matter what the calendar says.