You wouldn’t want a doctor that does the bare minimum to treat your symptoms.  You wouldn’t want a mechanic to do the smallest repair possible to get your car running.  Keeping with this theme you also wouldn’t want a REALTOR® that did the minimum amount of work to sell your home.  Just like a minimal treatment could lead to a returning ailment, and a minor repair can’t fix a major problem; simply sticking a sign in the yard and posting on the MLS isn’t going to provide the best results for a seller. 

Here are 4 things that REALTORS® can do for their clients that are selling a home.

1.)    Promote and Market the Property: This is a key practice that every REALTOR® should embrace and excel at.  Marketing is to real estate as bait is to a fisherman.  Today there are more avenues to attract buyers than ever before.  One of the most essential elements is photography.  High quality photographs of a property will be any potential buyer’s first impression of your client’s home.  Social media and a strong web presence are also critical to give your seller the best opportunity for a successful sale.

2.)    Find the Best Price: Having an effective pricing strategy stems from a number of skills.  Using experience and expertise will help you arrive at the best possible price for your seller.  Without this vital step it can end up costing your client a lot of time and money.  Understanding the market and researching comparable sales are important factors for determining the best price.  There is a fine line to walk between what is a correctly priced property and the price that your client wants.  While it can be difficult not to give in to an optimistic figure, you’re obligated by the code of ethics to do what is best for your client, not to offer what they want to hear.  Pricing too high can lead to an extended time on the market, which is not favorable.  Pricing too low can leave a lot of money on the table.  This is why arriving at the correct price for your market and timeframe is essential.

3.)    Attend the Inspection: When a home is inspected it can often lead to a secondary round of negotiations.  Cost concessions and repair agreements all effect the seller’s motivation and final price.  Being available for your client to observe and listen makes you a valuable resource and gives you the opportunity to understand the evolving landscape of the transaction.

4.)    Prepare for the Closing: A REALTOR’S® value comes from their experience and expertise in guiding their clients through a complex and complicated process.  This is never truer than during a closing.  The more you can do for your client in this final stage only adds to your value as a REALTOR®.

While these are only a few of things REALTORS® should be doing for their clients, each of them can make you an invaluable resource.