When it comes to getting in shape there are several methods that are tried and true.  Watching what you eat, running, and lifting weights will all change how you look and feel.  The same is true for getting your house in shape.  Now if you are heading out on vacation, to a class reunion, or getting ready for a 5K, you may implement some or all of these practices for yourself; and if you are considering selling your home, there are some simple and effective ways to get it ready as well. 

Selling your home quickly and for your asking price doesn’t happen without a little bit of work before that sign goes in the yard.  Ensuring you make the best first impression possible is essential, and with these tips you can have any prospective buyer know that they are looking at a well maintained home.


A fresh coat of paint can be a cost effective way to add instant curb appeal.  Choose neutral colors like white or beige to appeal to potential buyers and provide a clean and updated look.


By cleaning out and clearing up each room in your house, you’ll be able to make it look more spacious.  Finding things you don’t use anymore or that may be in disrepair is a great way to open up every room.  It also gives you a jump start on your future move.

Address the Kitchen

The kitchen is widely considered the most important part of the home.  It is a place where many families spend the most of their time.  There are several ways to update and upgrade this essential room, allowing buyers to imagine themselves in it.  Do the cabinet doors and drawers work properly?  Are the hardware fixtures dated? These are all easy updates and repairs that can make a world of difference.


Just like a fresh coat of paint brightens up your house, spending a little time in the yard can really improve your curb appeal.  Fresh sod, a mowed lawn, and colorful flowers can all add up to a great first impression.  Trimming trees and bushes and adding some potted plants are great ways to welcome prospective buyers.

Putting your home on the market is a big decision.  Using the guidance of a REALTOR® and preparing your house before it goes up for sale can make for a much smoother process.