68% percent of millennials, ages 18-34, state that the home they currently own is a temporary stop.  Compare this to 36% across all other generations, and the opportunity to upgrade these buyers is immense.  But how? 

There is no denying that technology is changing the way home buyers shop for houses, as well as the way that sellers market their property.  Specifically, social media has played a significant role.  The way you leverage the power of social media can go a long way in your success with millennial home buyers. This again begs the question, “but how?”  Here are a few social media tips to help you reach and engage with millennial home buyers.

Don’t limit yourself to Facebook.  Facebook is the poster child for social media.  Everyone has a page, there was a movie made about it, it garners most of the attention when it comes to marketing.  However, you should put just as much effort into Instagram and Snapchat branded accounts to reach your millennial audience. Photos are huge in this demographic and both of these platforms offer enhanced features for posting and sharing. 

Focus on fans, not followers.  What’s the difference?  Followers simply have to click a button on your page, but fans will share and promote your content and in turn, your services.  Leverage the power of hastags, share tips, stories, and useful information that former clients and new prospects can not only use, but pass along, expanding your social footprint.  Engaging your followers is what separates fans from followers.

Keep an eye out for what is coming next.  While building a passionate following on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram is important; it’s just as important to be aware of what is coming up next.  By checking out the app store, following social trends, and testing out new platforms is a great way to stay ahead of the curve and be positioned for the next big thing.