Just do it.  I’m loving it.  What’s in your wallet?  Nike, McDonald’s, and Capital One have this branding thing down.  Whether you need new shoes, lunch, or a credit card, these major brands have created a way to stay at the top of your mind whether you are in the market for them or not.  As a REALTOR® you can do the same thing; and in today’s technology driven and social media focused world, it’s never been more important.

Now you don’t necessarily need a clever slogan or catchy jingle to brand yourself; however, you do need to have the ability to be found.  Roughly 75% of a REALTOR’S® business comes from referrals or word-of-mouth.  When you make it easier for existing clients to share your information, and you make it easier for potential clients to contact you, you’ve enhanced your brand.  Here are 3 tips to achieve exactly that.

1.) Embrace mobile:  Mobile is becoming a major part of everyone’s life.  Access to communication and information is literally at anyone’s fingertips.  This means that any and all of your digital efforts need to reflect this trend.  Responsive websites, mobile optimized emails, and of course staying available for clients as you are out and about.

2.) Use content to become a thought leader: While 82% of real estate agents have websites, 72% of them are unhappy with the quality of the leads that they generate.  A major factor behind this trend is the type of content available to potential clients.  In fact, a recent study by OutboundEngine shows that content marketing for real estate agents generates three times more leads than traditional marketing efforts.  Answering questions, creating short posts about common elements of a transaction, and other important information will not only attract more qualified leads, it also makes it easier for current clients to make referrals.

3.) Be Social: Social media poses a huge opportunity for REALTORS®.  The amount of data available allows you to target specific geographic locations as well as precise demographics.  While maintaining a consistent presence is important, the real power of social media comes when you invest in a campaign or a boosted post.  This is an incredibly cost-effective option that minimizes waste, allowing you to target and engage your ideal audience.

Building your own personal brand and discovering your niche as a REALTOR® is a key way to streamline your prospecting and grow your business.  These are only a few ideas, but leveraging technology and embracing some best practices can make a significant difference. As a reminder, the Louisiana Real Estate Commission (LREC) released and will enforce licensee advertising come June 1. View the Advertising Guideline and Checklist and be sure that your efforts arecompliant with the rules and avoid being cited and fined.