Legislative session is well underway in the state's capitall! Last Tuesday, Louisiana REALTORS® was prepared to testify against House Bill 562, which proposes a professional services tax on immovable property, but that legislation was not heard in committee. 

LR was successful in moving its sponsored legislation out of the Senate Commerce Committee on Wednesday.  Senate Bill 108 by Senator Bodi White will be voted on this week by the full Senate.  A full recap of Senate Bill 108 is noted below:

 SB 108 by Senator Bodi White
This legislation will require out-of-state licensees doing business in Louisiana to either become licensed in the state or co-broke with a Louisiana licensee when conducting business. The legislation provides for a misdemeanor penalty for those who violate this section of the law.

LR will continue working with many other business groups and lobbying against the Commercial Business Activities Tax (House Bill 628) which is scheduled for the House Ways & Means Committee on Monday, April 24th.

For information or clarification on any issues during the legislative session please contact Norman Morris.