Selling your home is stressful enough.  Making sure you’re doing it the best way possible is an even bigger challenge.  This is why using a REALTOR® to sell is so important.  While you have a number of responsibilities as a REALTOR®, here are three actions that can help ensure you provide knowledgeable and professional service.

Promote the Property to Prospective Buyers

Marketing is critical skill that every REALTOR® should embrace. Today there are more platforms than ever help you attract buyers.  One of the most essential elements is photography.  High quality photographs of a property will be any potential buyer’s first impression of your client’s home.  Social media and a strong web presence are also critical to give your seller the best opportunity for a successful sale.

Price the Property Appropriately

Having an effective pricing strategy stems from a number of skills.  Experience and expertise will help you arrive at the best possible price for your seller.  Missing the mark during this step can cost your client a lot of time and money.  Knowing the market and researching comparable sales will help you determining the right price.  There is a fine line to walk between what is a correctly priced property and the price that your client wants.  It’s difficult not to give in to an optimistic figure, however you’re obligated by the code of ethics to do what is best for your client, not to offer what they want to hear. 

Join Your Client for the Inspection

When a home is inspected it can often lead to a secondary round of negotiations.  Cost concessions and repair agreements all effect the seller’s motivation and final price.  Being available for your client to observe and listen makes you a valuable resource and gives you the opportunity to understand the evolving landscape of the transaction.

Again, these are only a handful of best practices.  Make sure that these are in your repertoire and you can turn happy clients into future referrals.