There are many “if-then” scenarios in life.  These hypothetical, cause-and-effect occurrences help us make plans to achieve certain goals.  Some of these goals can be minor.  “If” it doesn’t rain Saturday, “then” we’ll play golf.  Others can carry significantly more weight; fewer more so than the decision and outcome of selling your home.  “If” we sell our house, “then” we’ll move closer to the beach.  Or, “if” we can sell our home for x amount of dollars, “then” we can travel more.  Whatever that “if” is, as a home seller, your eyes are locked on the “then”; it’s your REALTOR’S® job to make the “if” a “when.”  So how do you find a REALTOR that will do exactly that?

Properly Pricing Your Home

This is arguably the most important factor in the process.  A price that is too high will leave your home on the market far too long, resulting in you dropping much lower than fair market value.  A price too low, while it can make for a quick sale, leaves thousands of dollars on the table.  Your REALTOR’S® experience, expertise, and resources will help you determine the most advantageous price for your home.

Recommending Any Necessary Improvements

Before that sign hits your yard, announcing that your house is on the market, you’ve already taken a number of steps to put your best foot forward.  However, there could be some simple, inexpensive actions that can equal a significant return when you sell.  Your REALTOR® will be able to recommend certain repairs and enhancements that can positively impact your bottom line.  Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint, new landscaping, or making minor repairs, the knowledge of what buyers are looking for will help guide your efforts.

Advertises, Coordinates, and Shows Your Home to Prospective Buyers

Selling your home promptly, for your target price is a full-time job.  Making sure it can be found online, through social media, as well as other avenues, on top of scheduling showings, and hosting open houses is no small feat, and it is what your REALTOR® should be doing.  The more exposure your home gets toward potential buyers, the more likely it is to sell quickly and for more money.