When you are new to the real estate business or even when you've been in the industry for a while, taking your professional development beyond course education and into gaining knowledge from experienced peers is a great idea.

While continuing education and designation courses are important, following or shadowing another REALTOR® is a great opportunity to gain insights that will help your business and is a great way to network.

The REALTOR® you will be spending time with and taking advice from needs to be someone that you can form a relationship with, has great productivity and has the time and enthusiasm to help you.

Comparing your calendars is a great way to get started. Schedule time to accompany them on listing appointments and buyer showings, help them host an open house and listen to them do lead conversion.

Don't forget to take notes, ask questions and compare business strategies. The REALTOR® mentoring you might get a takeaway from spending time with you as well! Hopefully, you will have gained knowledge to help your business. Remember that you weren't only shadowing, you were building a professional relationship.