The summer months are a popular time for home buying.  Many people that anticipate or plan to move typically prefer to do so once their children are done with school.  But how does home shopping during the summer differ from other times during the year?  Here are a few tips to get the most out your house hunting this summer.

Check Out Several Areas

You have a lot of things to consider when deciding where you want to live.  From schools and amenities, to commuting and infrastructure, location is a big deal.  The good thing about buying a home in the summer is that you can get a good feel for each community.  As people have more time and the weather is nicer, they tend to spend more time outdoors.  If you have a few neighborhoods in mind, take some time to check them out and learn more about safety and activities in the area.

Don’t Bother a Seller with Minor Repairs

The inspection is one of the most important processes in the home buying process.  If you find a home you really like, and the inspection report has a few minor things that need to be done, you can make your offer more competitive by taking care of those issues yourself.  Of course any thing major should be negotiated either in terms of repair or price concessions, but not nitpicking over small things can get you in your new home faster.

Take a Look at Fixer-Uppers

Inventory can be tight in some markets during the summer due to the demand.  However, if you find a home in an area you like, but it needs a little more attention, it could be a good idea.  As long as everything is structurally sound and the major systems are in good condition, modernizing a home can be done quickly and affordably.  You can also get a good deal if it’s a property that’s been on the market for a while.

Trust a Knowledgeable, Professional REALTOR®

Using a REALTOR®will help you find the right home for your family.  They know the area, they know what prices make sense, and they use this knowledge to find something that meets your needs.