Buying a home is an exciting time in anyone’s life.  However, depending on the stage that your client is in, there are going to be varying priorities.  This is especially true for a family with young children.  This type of client is going to be focused on a lot of different things compared to a newlywed couple or empty nesters.  Understanding not only what they want and what they need, but why is what makes a REALTOR® such a valuable resource.  Here are some statistics that show what is important to potential homebuyers with children under the age of 18.

·        50% of homebuyers with children consider a neighborhood based on the quality of the school district, compared to 11% of buyers without children.

·        45% of homebuyers with children consider a neighborhood based on its convenience to schools, compared to 6% of buyers without children.

·        40% of homebuyers with children find their REALTOR® from a referral.

·        76% of homebuyers with children prefer personal calls from their REALTOR® for updates.

·        62% communicate via text message.

·        27% of homebuyers with children cite that child care expenses have delayed the homebuying process.

·        26% of home sellers with children try to sell their home urgently, compared to 14% of home sellers without children.

·        24% of home sellers with children need a larger home, compared to 8% without children.

·        18% of home sellers with children want to move closer to family, compared to 5% without children.

While each buyer and seller has unique needs, a REALTOR® is a knowledgeable professional there to help navigate any challenge.