Have you ever watched a show on Netflix and felt compelled to tell your friends and family about it?  Hoping they enjoy story, cast, and plot as much as you did?  Or have you ever been on the other side of that conversation, where someone recommends a new show to you?  These suggestions, when of quality, can bring hours, days, even weeks of enjoyment.  This time spent binge-watching can be even more enjoyable in a new home; and as a REALTOR®, this is where another type of referral can be valuable.

The highly competitive world of real estate sales means that you need any competitive advantage that’s available.  A great place to start is with your current and former happy clients.  When they refer their friends and family, it makes it easier to keep your pipeline flowing.  Here are a few tips to earn more referrals.

Create and Grow Relationships with Industry Leaders

As you know, there are a number of moving parts in the real estate business.  From mortgage lenders to home inspectors, there are a lot of people who interact with your potential clients on a daily basis.  Fostering a relationship with people in the different industries can help you ensure not only consistent referrals but a smooth home buying or selling process for your client.

Provide Your Clients Helpful Content During and After the Transaction

You are a resource to your client, not only when meeting face-to-face or emailing or speaking on the phone.  When you provide content like articles, blogs, videos, etc. that answers their questions or can be helpful, you become even more valuable.  This practice is great during the home buying or selling process.  Whether it’s to provide more information on a question or issue they had or simply something they may find interesting and helpful; these extra touches set you apart.  After your client buys or sells their home, staying in touch with appropriate content is a great way to stay on top of their mind and build more trust.  Some examples of post-transaction content could be a “new homeowner guide” or “landscaping tips”.

Make Referrals Easier with Branded Materials

You’ve done the hard part by providing great service, building trust, and completing a successful sale or purchase; now make it easy on yourself, and easier for your client by providing a simple way for them to refer you to their friends and family.  Pre-prepared, branded materials that you can hand out at any time makes your information easy to share.  Business cards, one-sheets, and other collateral should all capture your personality and display what sets you apart.