When it comes to buying a home one of the most important steps is the home inspection.  The items discovered during this process can be the difference in you purchasing or passing on a property.  It can also be the difference in saving or spending thousands of dollars.  So when the time comes for your prospective home to be inspected how can you be sure that you’re getting best inspection possible?  Here are a few questions to ask.

“What are you going to check?”

Understanding what is going to be checked will give you a clear picture of what to pay attention, as well as what to expect.

“What aren’t you going to check?”

This is another important question that can help you avoid any surprises.  It is also good information to have so that if you have any other concerns that won’t be addressed during the inspection, you can do your own due diligence to see to them.

“Can I join you during the inspection?”

The answer to this question should always be, “yes”.  Having the opportunity to see the inner workings of your home’s different systems can be an invaluable experience.  You can learn how things work and why things don’t work.

“Can I see a sample report?”

A sample report can provide great perspective into what takes place during a home inspection.  You’ll be able to see how the inspector communicates, how problems are indicated, and more valuable info.

“Will you inspect any negotiated repairs?”

The point of the inspection is to help you understand the full picture of what you are about to purchase.  Many repairs can be negotiated with the buyers.  Having these repairs reinspected, ideally by the original inspector is a good idea.  This will ensure that not only have all of the repairs were made, but they were done correctly.

These are just some basic questions that can provide you with good insight into the quality of the inspector and their inspection.  Of course, relying on the expertise of your REALTOR® can go a long way when it comes to quality recommendations and actions before and after the inspection.