Making the decision to sell your home is an important one.  There is a lot of time, energy, emotion, and money at stake in this process, so being prepared is crucial.  But how do you prepare and what do you need to know in order to achieve your goal of successfully selling your home?  Here are 5 things every homeowner should know before selling their home.

1.)    Hire a REALTOR®

First and foremost interview and hire a REALTOR®.  This is arguably the most important step in any real estate transaction.  In your interview, look for expertise and knowledge about the market, gauge the REALTORS’ character for education experience along with a high moral and ethical guideline. Using a REALTOR® will help you arrive at the best price for your home and attract qualified buyers to ensure that you get what you need from the transaction.

2.)    Consider a Pre-Listing Inspection

Having your home looked over by a professional can give you great insight into what type of work may need to be done.  Having this information available before you list can help in the decision making process and allow you to remedy anything that could become an issue down the road.  You may also want to consider these other types of inspections: pest, radon, septic, chimney, etc.

3.)    Improve Curb Appeal

First impressions are vitally important when it comes to real estate.  Any potential buyer’s initial interaction with your property will be from the outside.  Fresh landscaping, a coat of paint, a neatly kept lawn, and other aesthetic features can only help ensure a positive impression while your home is on the market.

4.)    Gather All Documents

Any documents and paperwork you have amassed over the years relating to your home can be a great resource for your REALTOR®.  The history, upkeep, upgrades, and mechanics of your home allows for compelling information to be created, as well as the pertinent information buyers need and want.  HVAC records, roof documents, appliance warranties, remodeling information, and other documents are all valuable throughout the selling process.

5.)    Prepare Your Home for Showings

This is an essential part of the process.  Clearing the clutter, organizing the different spaces of your home, and creating a positive environment for potential buyers can greatly impact the speed and price at which your home will sell.

While there is much to do and consider when preparing to sell your home, your top priority should be to hire a REALTOR® to guide and advise you through the process.