Every now and then we need an expert’s opinion, advice, and direction.  Does your shoulder hurt after a workout?  Go see a masseuse.  Got into an accident?  Call the body shop.  Looking to sell a house?  Use a REALTOR®.  The first two scenarios play out that way more often than not, however all too often the third situation is handled in a different manner- like as For Sale By Owner.  Similar to the ability to relieve muscle tissue or fix a damaged automobile requires an expert, so does a real estate transaction with a lot of moving parts.  The following four reasons explain why home sellers need to enlist the help of a knowledgeable and professional REALTOR®.

  1.  The Power of Search

    Google has put all of the information in the world at our fingertips. REALTORS® have the ability to share and market a listing to a larger network of other REALTORS® as well as to the public. Listing your house without a REALTOR® does not give you the same amount of online exposure and the more time a house sits on the market, the more it can cost you.

  2.  REALTORS® Code of Ethics

    What sets a REALTOR® apart from a real estate agent?  The strict standards and Code of Ethics set forth by the National Association of REALTORS®.  These standards and codes mean that your REALTOR® will always act with your best interest in mind. REALTORS® in addition to their continuing education requirement must maintain their knowledge of the Code and can be sanctioned for violating any of the articles of the Code.

  3. Skilled in Negotiation
    There are a number of variables that go into selling a home. Between getting offers and negotiating contract terms, the transaction can be intense especially when buyers demand or expect more. Luckily a REALTOR® represents you in the sale and is a savvy negotiator that will get the best options to you. A REALTOR knows the value of your property and can get the best price for you. Acting without this valuable resource could cost you thousands.

  4. Industry and Pricing Expertise
    The real estate world is full of data and valuations that can make your head spin.  This unique language, coupled with the changing markets and regulationsm makes selling an overwhelming task.  Thankfully REALTORS® understand what needs to be done, how to communicate it, and most importantly can prepare the best deal for you while avoiding costly delays and mistakes.

While this addresses just a few of the reasons for home sellers, they should leverage the power and expertise of a REALTOR® in order to make their experience a good and successful one.