Every year there are new technological developments that change how we live and work.  Today these developments are happening more quickly than ever before, and they are having sweeping changes how real estate is bought and sold.  2018 will be no different.  Here are 3 big trends for 2018.

Augmented Reality

Augmented, or virtual, reality is a growing across applications but can be especially helpful when it comes to showing a prospective client a new property.  Imagine being able to create an immersive experience with the capability to show what furniture and other items would look like in a space. 


As technology, social media, and other communication platforms continue to play a larger role in your day-to-day tasks, automation will become a more useful tool.  Common, routine tasks can now put on autopilot a number of different ways.  Follow up emails, appointment confirmations, and more can now be set up.  These automations will not only free up time but improve the quality of the output you generate.

Big Data 

We have more information on just about anything than we’ve ever had before.  This is especially true in the real estate world.  Leveraging big data and machine learning opens up many new opportunities.  Not only can you be more prepared as you show a new property or meet a new client, but you can completely revolutionize your strategy and implement new and improved best practices.