For a limited time, Louisiana citizens can add their digital driver’s license for free.

As part of an initiative to provide Louisiana citizens with better personal safety and security practices, the State has worked to offer digital licenses for free until the end of May 2019. This initiative by the State and LA Wallet is an effort to provide Louisiana citizens with better tools to validate another citizen’s identity. Recent reports have indicated that personal safety has become a greater concern regarding rideshares, home delivery, and other online person-to-person activities- such as real estate.

LA Wallet digital identities are retrieved in real-time from the State’s databases, and with VerifyYou™, LA Wallet users can scan another LA Wallet user’s license or scan the AAMVA code on the back of a physical license. Within seconds, LA Wallet’s VerifyYou™ system validates another citizen’s name, age, and reports whether the license is valid and up-to-date. LA Wallet digital driver’s licenses are valid for the life of the user’s physical license, which is up to 6 years. 

Louisiana's Legal Digital Driver's License

  • 100% Legal for driving purposes per Louisiana law of Act 625 of the 2016 season.

  • Louisiana State Police will accept the LA Wallet Digital Driver's License!

  • ATC legally approved all responsible vendors to accept LA Wallet for age verification-required purchases.

  • The LA Wallet App is made for Apple iOS and Android.

Take advantage of this special promotion and download this app for FREE until the end of May 2019.