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Senate Bill No. 462, Senator Danny Martiny – Inclusionary Zoning

Currently, Louisiana allows municipalities and parishes to pass inclusionary zoning ordinances to promote the development of affordable housing.  Inclusionary zoning requires housing developers to sell or rent a proportion of their units below market rate, regardless of the economics of a project or whether the developer receives just compensation. Senate Bill 462 would instead allow municipalities and parishes to offer VOLUNTARY economic incentive policies to promote the development of affordable housing.

Louisiana REALTORS® supports this bill and has lobbied members of the House of Representatives to vote in favor of this bill.  As of today, the bill is scheduled for debate by the House of Representatives, Monday, May 7th.

Regulation of Boards and Commissions – House Bill No. 372, Representative Patrick Connick

House Bill No. 372 would require administrative rules sought to be promulgated by boards and commissions, including but not limited to the Louisiana Real Estate Commission (LREC), to undergo a review by a new commission to ensure that occupational licensing boards and their board members will avoid liability under federal antitrust laws. 

If passed this legislation would ensure that if any of our members accept positions as LREC commissioners that they will not be personally liable for actions taken by LREC.

Representative Connick is working with Louisiana REALTORS® and other organizations to address any concerns with the bill.

Regulation of Laws Governing Boards and Commission – House Bill No. 748, Representative Emerson

Representative Emerson’s intent with this bill is to address the perceived overregulation of occupations and professions by the state, but Louisiana REALTORS® does not believe this bill accomplishes this in its current form. The bill is overregulation in an attempt to deregulate which Louisiana REALTORS® and a growing number of organizations oppose.

The Legislature already has oversight of the statutes, rules and regulations governing occupational boards and commissions such as the LREC. The additional requirements LREC would have to undertake due to this legislation becoming law could necessitate an increase in your state license fees which we would not support at this time.

We understand the need for the state to increase economic opportunities, promote competition and encourage innovation and will continue to ask Representative Emerson to please to study this issue prior to passing state law on the matter.  However, should Representative Emerson not take this approach or significantly change the bill we will be asking that you take part in a call to action against the bill.