With the heavy rainfall and flooding being a struggle in Louisiana, knowing how to prepare and respond is essential. As we’ve seen, just because a particular area hasn’t historically been high-risk for flooding, it does not mean it isn’t possible. We may not have the power to control weather related conditions, but we can certainly take steps to ensure our safety, the safety of others, and minimize damage to our homes.

These are few tips for Flood PreparATION and Response

Preparing for Flooding in Advance

·        Prepare an emergency kit of supplies

·        Create a household evacuation plan

·        Be familiar with any city or parish response plans

·        Elevate and/or reinforce your home to make damage less likely

During a Flood Watch (this means that flooding in the area is possible)

·        Stay tuned-in to your local television or radio stations

·        Bring in or tie down outdoor equipment if possible (i.e. outdoor furniture)

·        Gather emergency food and water

During a Flood Warning (this means that flooding has already occurred)

·        Evacuate if you are told to do so

·        Seek higher ground, but stay off bridges

·        Do not drive, swim, or walk through flooding waters (six inches of water can knock you down and one – two feet of water can carry a car away) Remember these four words that have been said numerous times, but could save your life: TURN AROUND, DON’T DROWN.

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*These tips were compiled from weather.gov, fema.gov, ready.gov, cdc.gov, and redcross.org. Visit their websites for more information for how to prepare, respond, and recover from floods.