Technology has changed and continues to change everything in our lives. This is true at home and at work.  Having a variety of connected devices that do everything from changing our thermostats to managing money to keeping in contact with anyone, from anywhere, can quickly get complicated.  Not only are there a multitude of options in terms of platforms, services, and applications, but there seems to be an endless wave of updates, upgrades, and changes.  Falling behind, or not being quite sure how to handle technology can mean missing out on the conveniences that it offers.  While you may not mind closing your garage door the old-fashioned way or be interested in Bluetooth; having a solid grasp on technology can be a tremendous professional benefit.

This is especially true for REALTORS®.  Technology has impacted nearly every facet of the real estate industry.  But where do you begin?  Everything from your office to your car to your home to the way you communicate are influenced by new and growing technology.  This is why there the Tech Helpline comes in.  The Tech Helpline can assist with a variety of common issues and needs.  Everything from pairing devices to navigating through different software programs; this resource is here to catch you up to speed. 

REALTOR Tech Help Line