How did we get here?

Louisiana REALTORS® goes through an annual process for budget planning and programs. LR solicited input from its volunteer members, committees, local boards, and brokers in order to identify and establish a 2018 Program of Work. 
In addition to advocacy, professional development, and professional standards - data consolidation was identified as a critical issue that should be addressed. LR hosted a meeting of brokers and local association leadership during the annual Fall Governance meeting to determine whether or not there was consensus to formulate a workgroup that would then further study the issue. 

WhO Was on the workgroup? 

  • The brokers in attendance at the September 22, 2017 meeting expressed a real desire to explore a change from the current structure of nine separate MLS systems.

  • The Workgroup was formulated and members represented include Louisiana REALTOR® brokers, appointed representatives from each local board, one REALTOR® appraiser and three association executives elected by their peers.


Why are we doing this?

  • Louisiana REALTORS® are licensed to list and sell property across the state. The initiative is intended to provide REALTORS® with access to complete information they need to serve consumers, remain relevant and be successful. REALTORS® benefit when consumers perceive significant value in working with empowered and knowledgeable professionals.

  • Brokers want more efficiency, lower costs where possible for the same or better services, uniform rules and enforcement and access to all data without borders or walls.

  • The purpose of the Workgroup is exploratory. Some brokers feel the MLS should not be a profit center for supporting association programs and activities.

  • No one knows what this will ultimately look like, but they want Louisiana REALTOR® brokers and local staff and leadership to propose a better solution to help brokers and their agents succeed with home buyers and sellers.

What are we doing?

  • Louisiana REALTORS® is sponsoring research with assistance from outside experts to further the discussion about how to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of MLS services for all members across the state.

  • Louisiana REALTORS® sought proposals from highly regarded consultants to facilitate the Workgroup discussion, conduct market research and assist the Workgroup in producing specific recommendations and options for substantial collaboration between the entities.

  • Louisiana REALTORS® will hold at least two meetings of the Workgroup to explore all options for providing Louisiana’s REALTORS® with access to all of the data without borders or walls and which results in maximum efficiency across the state in terms of MLS and related services i.e. lockboxes.

  • During the meetings, the Workgroup will come up with their stated goals to be shared with the local boards and brokers within each area of the state. Transparency and open dialog is to be expected.

  • Louisiana REALTORS® has selected T3 Sixty to facilitate, educate and assist the Workgroup throughout this process and meetings, resulting in the development of specific written recommendations for consideration by members of the local board leadership and brokers

  • The meetings of the Workgroup are scheduled for March 6 and May 3, 2018. Location, times and meeting agendas will be provided before each meeting. In the meantime, T3 Sixty and the local association staff will compile information and research needed to facilitate the process.

What this is not

  • This is not about board or association mergers.

  • Louisiana REALTORS® does not want to run a statewide MLS. Statewide does not mean state association owned or operated.

  • It’s not about mandates and immediate changes – the power to take action is vested in the local boards of directors or MLS directors where appropriate.

  • This is about creating a “win” for the industry and its stakeholders. It’s not about winners or losers.

Throughout the Workgroup process, REALTOR® members can provide feedback and input. Working together with the idea of making our brokers, agents and the consumers they serve more successful in their transactions will result in the entire real estate industry in Louisiana becoming a beacon of excellence as we move forward in these times of significant change.

Where are we Now?

Since the conclusion of the research, there has been a variety of information stated throughout the state and activity among a variety of groups. Some local associations have invited various group representatives to speak to their leadership and meetings with brokers in the markets are being held. Each area of the state is different and the information shared in some cases have been factual while a variety of items are not entirely accurate. Incoming President Logan Morris provides a brief message and we encourage feedback and comment from members using the form below.

Louisiana REALTORS® ("LR") is a trade association organized to represent residential and commercial Louisiana REALTORS® across the State. The Constitution and Bylaws of Louisiana REALTORS® provide that one purpose of the association is to “to provide a facility for education, research and exchange of information for those engaged in the real estate business in Louisiana.” This communication is in furtherance of this purpose and is not intended to support any one multiple listing service or option over any other multiple listing service or option.

2019 President Logan Morris provides a brief update on data collaboration and MLS consolidation since the conclusion of the state workgroup meeting in May 2018.
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