Louisiana REALTORS is providing a webinar with Former IRS attorney, Sandy Botkin as part of a member benefit partnership with TaxBot. The Tax Cuts Act was the biggest overhaul to the tax system in 3 decades. And it has fundamentally changed the tax game for self-employed people. 

The media is mostly talking about changes to the tax rates and the personal deductions. But, they have largely ignored the details for small business. And there are some monumental changes that will affect you. If you don't know what is in this law, then you won't get the savings you deserve. On this webinar Sandy Botkin will teach you what the new tax law means for your business and he’ll explain it in plain English!

You can't afford to wait for your accountant to teach you about the tax changes. Your accountant is about to enter the busy season for filing 2017 taxes. They don't have time to learn all the nuances of the new tax code let alone teach it, until after April 15th...

By then you might have missed out on some major deductions.