Updated 2/15/2018

Fundraising is already going great at the local level! 

Shout out to Southwest LA, Acadiana and New Orleans Metropolitan Association. These Associations have met their participation goals. Also, Congratulations to Northwest LA for having met their LARPAC goal. All of this is before any of their major fundraisers. 

You can see the RPAC goals are quite a bit higher this year. That is the reason we have decided to keep our LARPAC goals at $20 per member. Local associations can win the President’s Cup and the Triple Crown; if they meet the RPAC goals.  


Need fundraising ideas?

Please contact Carole Horn for Major Investor events and Judy Holland for Participation events

Mike McGraw, an active member of the the Florida Association of REALTORS, at (407) 399-4823. 
Mike comes highly recommended by Jack Greacen with NAR.

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Triple Crown.jpg
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