A new year is a new start.  This is especially true from a professional perspective.  The beginning of a new calendar is great opportunity to keep momentum rolling while starting off on the best possible foot.  Here are three quick and easy tips to keep in mind as January 1st approaches.

Set Meaningful Goals

A goal without a deadline is just a dream.  Take this time before the 2019 arrives to think about not only what you want to accomplish, but when you want to accomplish it by.  These could be quarterly goals, several small achievements, or a grand overall goal that has benchmarks that you can track through the year.  Whatever it may be, set it now and commit to it.  Make your goals visual.  Put them in writing and leave them somewhere you’ll see them each.  Constant visual, tangible reminders are a great way to hold yourself accountable.

Know What You Need to Do Daily to Meet Your Goals

Once you have your goals established you can work backwards from your deadline to know exactly what steps you need to take, and when to take them.  It’s simple math.  If your goal is to have x number of transactions in the first quarter, divide that number by 90, and you’ll know how often you need to close to meet your goal.  This is a great strategy for understanding if you are ahead of, or behind schedule. 

What is Your “Why”?

The context of your goals is very important.  Why do you want to accomplish “x”?  Understanding both what this achievement would mean to you personally and professionally, as well as the consequences of not meeting your goal can really put it into perspective.  Knowing the answers to these questions transforms your goal from finish line full of numbers into a unique, personal story.