We all have apps on our phones and mobile devices that simply our lives, provide entertainment, and keep us organized.  While scrolling through the App Store or Google Play Store it can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for.  There are a huge number of apps for a huge number of purposes.  Here are 5 apps that can streamline your day-to-day professional life as a REALTOR®.

RPR Mobile

The RPR mobile app was designed exclusively for REALTORS®.  It allows you to easily search properties, create reports, and observe market activity, all while you’re on the go.  Using your phone’s location technology, local sales activity and pertinent property information like taxes and other historical data can all be accessed from anywhere.


One telltale sign of a busy professional is an overflowing inbox, and a crowded calendar.  Cloze is available to simplify this overwhelming issue.  Cloze is designed to integrate all of your email accounts, calendars, and contacts; providing you with an organized, easy-to-use and understand dashboard.  It is also designed to scan through emails looking for keywords like, “follow-up” so that no appointments get buried in your email. 


Docusign is an app that allows for electronic signatures.  This can help to alleviate the costs and hassles associated with paper-based transactions.  Approvals and agreements can be completed in a matter of hours instead of days, allowing you and your clients to complete the documents on their own schedule.  This app also allows you to check the status of a document, and even send reminders.


Taxbot is an app that puts your mileage and expense reporting on cruise control.  With your phone’s GPS, your driving is automatically tracked.  For your expenses, simply take a picture of your receipts and Taxbot will automatically categorize them and automate your report.  This app can also identify expenses in emailed receipts and credit card statements. 

Facebook Ad Manager

If you are leveraging the targeting power of social media, then the Facebook Ad Manager app is a must-have.  This app allows you to access, edit, and control all of your ads and campaigns from the palm of your hand.  You can even create new ads, adjust budgets, and track results so that you are always getting the optimum performance for you and your clients.