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Real Estate Scheme Costs a Couple Life Savings

A fraudster posing as a real estate agent sent a couple an email asking for cash. Now, the couple may lose their entire life's savings. The Browns, anxious to move into their new home, received an email that appeared to be from their real estate agent and title company. The message asked them to wire the funds. "We were so eager to get everything done in a hurry so we could move," Anne Brown said. 

Ransomware- Think Before You Click

Over the past year, no information security concern has demanded more media and corporate attention than ransomware.  The evolution of this threat from an ineffective nuisance to a sophisticated business model generating hundreds of millions of dollars for hackers has been impressive to say the least, and the number and frequency of attacks are on the rise.

Avoid Becoming a Victim of Cybercrime - New Resource

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for the real estate industry. Reports of wire fraud situations in the real estate transaction are being brought to light. Louisiana REALTORS® has compiled a new webpage as a Cybersecurity resource with information and helpful things to protect your business and your clients from becoming a victim of cybercrime.