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Constitutional Amendment #1 Passes - Preventing New Taxes

Constitutional Amendment #1 on the Oct.14 ballot was a great issue to demonstrate to consumers that REALTORS® do more than just show and sell houses- REALTORS® protect home ownership. 

With 66% support at the polls, REALTOR® members across the state can take credit for sharing the message and helping educate voters to support the issue. This amendment closes a loophole in the law that could have taxed construction materials and eliminates the ability of government to levy any new taxes on property.  

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A framework for reforming the tax code introduced two weeks ago by the Trump Administration and Republican leaders in Congress will hurt middle-income homeowners.  The National Association of REALTORS® believes any curtailment or elimination of incentives for real estate would hurt communities and the economy's ability to grow. 

NAR will launch a Call for Action (CFA) on Wednesday, October 18, 2017.  The CFA will focus on tax reform and responses are sent to your Members of Congress and the United States Senate. It is important that REALTOR®  show their support and demonstrate the REALTOR® Party is a voice to listen to as more tax reform discussions take place.  

Real Estate Best Practice:  "Get it in Writing"


We often relate the phrase "Get it in writing" to fancy legal contracts drafted by lawyers, whose time is expensive. But getting something in writing doesn't have to entail a contract. It can be as simple as a quick email solidifying a verbal agreement.  <<Read Full Post>>

(Karen Hertzberg,, 9-19-2017