Who is Watching Me?

Many homes and buildings are now equipped with video and audio surveillance.  Property owners may have video and audio cameras at their front entrances.  They may also have security cameras inside the building or home, or on the perimeter of the property.  Read on about how this impacts real estate


This is the weekly summary of legislative events of note having to do with inclusionary zoning and regulation of boards and commissions.

Fair Housing Compliance for REALTORS

On Monday, April 30, Louisiana REALTORS hosted an educational webinar that addressed Fair Housing Compliance for Real Estate Agents. The webinar was presented by Marilyn Lafrouy, Compliance Officer of the Public Protection Division. Lafrouy walked through her presentation and answered questions from agents in the field.

Summary of Legislative Events of Note

This is the weekly summary of legislative events of note having to do with inclusionary zoning and regulation of boards and commissions.

First Time Home Buyer Rebate Voluntarily Deferred

As of Monday, April 30, House Bill No. 383 was voluntarily deferred in the House Appropriations Committee at the request of Louisiana REALTORS® and the author.  Due to state budgetary issues, we do not anticipate this legislation being able to complete the legislative process. Therefore, the bill will not advance any further this session.

2018 Legislative Session (Week 5)

As we gear up for the state's legislative conference, week 5 update reports on the activity of the bills being followed related to inclusionary zoning and the regulation of boards and commissions. 

2018 Legislative Session (Week 4)

Week 4 reports movement on several issues including Residential Property Disclosure and changes to security deposits for residential leases. Ongoing issues being watched is on inclusionary zoning and the regulation of the state's boards and commissions. Read more for what took place at the Capitol

2018 Legislative Session (Week 3)

This was a busy week at the Capitol and lots of bills are in various phases of the legislative process. The following provides an update on key pieces of legislation that the LR Lobbying Team is following and actively monitoring.

2018 Legislative Bill Tracker

Louisiana REALTORS® convened a group of legislative volunteers and the lobbying team for a review of over a hundred pieces of legislation filed for the 2018 regular session. Each bill is reviewed and considered by whether it impacts the real estate industry, it's practitioners, or if it impacts the property rights for Louisiana's citizens.

2019 LR Officer Candidatesf

There are two candidates for Louisiana REALTORS Officer positions. View their applications. Vote will take place at the April 26 Board of Directors meeting. 

HB 383 Advances out of House Ways and Means Committee

House Bill 383 by Representative Paula Davis was reported out of the House Ways and Means Committee by a 9 to 4 vote. Today's success can be attributed to the support of a great bill author, a great lobbying team, and the effort by REALTOR® members responding to the Call for Action and contacting their legislators for support of this bill.

RECAP: 2018 Legislative Session (Week 1)

The first week of the 2018 Legislative Regular Session is over and very few substantive bills have been moved to the House or Senate floor.  It is expected that many bills will be heard in committee next week and things will start moving at a faster pace. Louisiana REALTORS® will provide regular updates on items throughout session. 

Introducing Louisiana First Home

Introducing Louisiana First Home

Many aspiring first-time homebuyers find it hard to save for a down payment, especially with young families that are heavily burdened by student debt. The Louisiana First-Time Home Buyer Program would offer the help families need to buy their first home by reimbursing a portion of the first-time homebuyer’s closing costs and down payment and ultimately help boost our economy.

Louisiana REALTORS® Resource - (03-05-2018)

A copy of content and information provided in the March 5, 2018 email of the Louisiana REALTOR®  Resource - the publication for REALTORS striving for excellence! 


A copy of content and information provided in the February 19, 2018 email of the Louisiana REALTOR®  Resource - the publication for REALTORS striving for excellence! 

2018 Legislative Special Session

Norman Morris, CEO along with 2018 LR President, Pam Testroet and Director of Legal & Government Affairs, Kim Callaway take a quick minute to discuss why REALTORS® need to ENGAGE and be READY to ACT as the state legislature convenes for a Special Session beginning Monday, February 19 to address the state's $1B budget deficit.

Residential Agreement to Buy or Sell Revision

Louisiana REALTORS® along with the Louisiana Real Estate Commission will convene a group to review the Residential Agreement to Buy or Sell and address revisions or additions to the form

How to Get the Most Out of the New Tax Laws

Louisiana REALTORS® is providing a webinar with Former IRS attorney, Sandy Botkin as part of a member benefit partnership with TaxBot. The Tax Cuts Act was the biggest overhaul to the tax system in 3 decades. And it has fundamentally changed the tax game for self-employed people. Registration is open and we anticipate the demand for this timely information to be high. 

Government Shut Down and REALTORS

Congress has failed to approve a Continuing Resolution (CR) providing funding for most government operations. Therefore, spending authority for most of the government expired at midnight on January 19, 2018. Until legislation providing for funding is signed into law, many offices and programs of the federal government are now shut down.