2020 National Association of REALTORS State Elected Director

During the Fall Governance Meeting in New Orleans, the Louisiana REALTORS® Board of Directors will elect one member to serve as a state director on the Board of Directors of the National Association of REALTORS® for the years 2020 through 2022.

Legislative Session Ends With Less Fanfare

While previous sessions have ended with a bang and unfinished budgets, the 2019 Regular Legislative Session quietly ended Thursday, June 6 with a state budget passed with a few minutes to spare. This is likely because legislators who are term limited are tired from a very long twelve years and those who will be running this fall did not wish to rock the boat in an election year. Overall, the session only had a few hotly contested issues.

The National Flood Insurance Program Has Been Extended

The National Flood Insurance Program Has Been Extended

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) has been extended 2 weeks until June 14th.  Thanks go out to our entire Congressional Delegation, your NAR Advocacy Group, and your Louisiana REALTORS® Federal Political Coordinators for making this happen!

Recap NAR 2019 Legislative Meetings in Washington, D.C.

Louisiana had a number of representatives attend legislative meetings in Washington, D.C. during the month of May. A number of members serve on national committees and brought back reports of activities and items covered. Valuable information regarding issues are covered in the various meetings and the attendees also took time to hear from Louisiana’s congressional delegation. The following provides a recap of some key items to note.

The Home Stretch of the 2019 Regular Legislative Session

The 2019 Regular Legislative Session must end on Thursday, June 6th so we are in the home stretch now.

Legislators are scurrying to move their bills through the legislative process and the true deal making is at a fever pitch.  House bills have made it to the Senate, but many have not been taken up on the Senate floor and vice versa.  We should start see this happen at lightning speed this week. 

Rental Property - Win and Surprise Amendments - Week 6 of 2019 Legislative Session

The 2019 Legislative Session is about at its midway point where negotiations over proposed legislation are wrapping up and legislation is either going forward or not.  It is unlikely that a bill still sitting in a committee in its house of origin will move at all, but not impossible.  The two major non-real estate related stories of the week include House Bill No. 372 getting hung up in Senate Judiciary A and the state budget moving to the Senate. 

3 Essentials for Preventing Disputes

Procuring cause is defined as “the uninterrupted series of casual events which results in a successful transaction. If a dispute does arise, your claim of entitlement to a commission hinges on several factors. Avoiding trouble is quite simple. Just do the very best job possible! Here are 3 essentials for preventing disputes

Janice Bolton, REALTOR® of the YEAR

The REALTOR® of the Year Award is given to an individual that is not only an outstanding REALTOR®, businessperson and member of the community, but demonstrates REALTOR spirit daily. Louisiana REALTORS® is very excited to name Janice Bolton as the 2018 REALTOR® of the Year. The announcement was made during our 2019 Spring into Action Conference in Baton Rouge on Tuesday, April 23, 2019.

Digital Driver's License Available for Free Through End of May

As part of an initiative to provide Louisiana citizens with better personal safety and security practices, the State has worked to offer digital licenses for free until the end of May 2019. This initiative by the State and LA Wallet is an effort to provide Louisiana citizens with better tools to validate another citizen’s identity.

Civil Justice Reform in Week 3 of 2019 Legislative Session

The theme of the third week of the 2019 Louisiana Legislative Session was “civil justice reform”.  The House Committee on Civil Law and Procedure heard bills seeking to address laws that many believe are focused on high dollar verdicts rather than accident victims obtaining justice.  In turn, these verdicts can act as an incentive for other citizens to file frivolous lawsuits.  Many believe this litigious climate is one cause for our high insurance rates and one of the primary reasons businesses decline to locate here.

2019 Legislative Session Kicks Off

The 2019 Louisiana Legislative Session started Monday, April 8th. Your Louisiana REALTORS® Bill Review Team, which is made up of members from across the state, met and identified 103 bills that Louisiana REALTORS® will support, oppose, or monitor on your behalf. An interactive Bill Tracking Report contains the position of Louisiana REALTORS® on each of these bills and the status of each bill. 

*Updated with Candidates - Region IV RVP

The position of 2019 Regional Vice President for Region IV (NOMAR) is vacant due to the resignation of Josie DeGrusha. An election to fill this unexpired term will take place on April 24, 2019 at the Region IV Caucus meeting in Baton Rouge. The election to fill the 2019 unexpired RVP term will occur in addition to the election of the 2020 RVP. 

NAR Committee Applications for 2020 Now Open

Louisiana REALTORS encourages its members to participate in committees at the local, state, and national level. The committee application process for the National Association of REALTORS is now open and the deadline to submit is May 1, 2019.

Understanding the Duty to Notify of Obtain and Maintain

REALTORS® have contacted LR to inquire about how to find the necessary information to complete the sample addendum as it applies to the Obtain and Maintain Insurance requirement when their sellers do not know the amount of FEMA aid received by previous owners of the property.  In a State that sees flooding every year, and no region is safe from water intrusion,  it is no surprise this is a wide-spread concern.  A second addendum is being provided along with understanding the duty to notify.