This page updated: 2/8/2019

Contents of this page provide documents and recaps of Local Board Conference Webinars. These calls are typically held monthly between Louisiana REALTORS' Officers and staff and Local Board AEs, Presidents and President Elects. The purpose of the calls is to convey and communicate any important changes or items between the state and local level as it relates to the functions of the Association. This page is a summary of the items covered on the call and intended as a resource for the members involved in those calls.  

Key Points to Remember:

Awards and Officer Nominations are due on March 1, 2019

Awards link:

Officer Application:

Please begin getting the Save the Date and talking about REALTOR Day in your local assocaitions. For areas that having had legislative outreaches, please promote to get attendance.

Check out the REALTOR Day Hype video ——->

Continue to promote Legislative Outreaches:

Please help promote the LR Survey among your membership:

Recording of 2/8/2019 Webinar:


Next Local Board webinar: March 8

We will go back to using the Louisiana REALTORS Conference Call line in order to get everyone on audio and unmuted for the duration of the webinar and allow for more interaction. An agenda will be forthcoming, but you can register at the link below and get it on your calendar. There is also an app for your smartphone that you can download here:

Provided below is the roster of 2019 Local Board Leadership Contact information: 
If you notice your information is incorrect, please notify us so we can correct it.