Statistics reveal a lot of different things.  They can describe a team’s performance.  They can indicate trends.  They can be used to forecast.  When it comes to your safety as REALTOR®, using these statistics and trends to forecast your personal safety plan can be very helpful.  Knowledge, awareness, and empowerment are the key components of safety for every REALTOR®, and that is why the National Association of REALTORS®, NAR, conducts their Member Safety Report each year.  Here are some interesting results from the past year.

·        38% of real estate professionals experienced a situation that made them fear for their personal safety.

·        Common, fear causing situations include: vacant homes, open houses, remote areas, and unsecured properties.

·        Of the REALTORS® surveyed that opt to carry a weapon for self-defense; 19% carry pepper spray, 16% carry a firearm, 5% carry a taser.

·        52% of male REALTORS® carry a weapon for self-defense, compared to 57% of female REALTORS®.  Pepper spray is the preferred weapon for women (27%).  A firearm is the preferred weapon for men (25%).

·        Smart phone safety apps are used by 44% of NAR members.  The most popular is Find My iPhone (28%).

·        Before showing a home, 48% of female REALTORS® notify a friend or family member about their location; compared to 34% of male REALTORS®.

·        44% of real estate brokerages have a standard procedure for agent safety.

·        66% of real estate brokerages have a standard procedure for safeguarding and disposing of client data.

·        71% of participants of a REALTOR® safety course feel more prepared for unknown situations.

·        50% of REALTORS® surveyed  meet unknown prospective clients in an office or public location first.