Everyone has their own unique style and way of doing business.  There are a variety of theories, principles, perspectives, and outlooks when it comes to managing time, interacting with people, and executing tasks.  In real estate, no matter which approach that you’re most comfortable with, there are a handful of habits that can ensure that your reach your destination, regardless of the path you take.  As a REALTOR®, that destination, of course is doing what is best for your clients, and in turn closing transactions.  Here are three habits that can create real estate success.

1.)    Be in tune with the latest technology

Social media, smartphones, tablets, and virtual reality have all added new elements and value for home buyers and sellers alike.  Having your finger on the pulse of these developments is essential for success.  Not only knowing that they exist, but what the benefits are, how to use them, and most importantly how to advise clients on these different platforms can be a major differentiator.

2.)    Return emails and calls ASAP

This may sound like an obvious one, but has never been more important.  Today we’re connected more than ever before.  Mobile devices give us the ability to ask questions, answer questions and share information around the clock.  There are also more resources than ever.  So if a prospective client has a question and doesn’t receive a timely response, there are countless other options for them to seek.

3.)    Explain every single thing you do

Real estate transactions are complex and complicated.  Even for the most seasoned client different variables and intricacies can quickly become confusing.  As a REALTOR® it is your job and responsibility to ensure that your client not only understands, but is comfortable with each step of the process.  Regular communication, explaining potential scenarios (positive and negative), and constantly providing and receiving feedback is an essential habit that will make any transaction easier for both you and your clients.

While these are only three things that can help to set you apart from the competition, these habits can also be adjusted to fit into your operation, and can definitely enhance your clients’ experience.