This course will teach you how to calculate a BTS rental rate in a lease proposal for an office, industrial or retail tenant. It will also arm the tenant representative in his/her negotiating leverage with a developer landlord. Students will learn how to maximize profits and analyze projects before a commitment is made, enabling you to walk away from a deal to eliminate a possible loss. This seminar is truly a course on wealth building and understanding build-to-suit development pro formas. You will learn detailed components of hard and soft costs, calculating a first-year break even rental rate and BTS rental rate, FAR, land development metrics, and determining return on and off equity. You will need to bring a  financial calculator to work case studies. Various metrics will be presented to understand why projects are destined for failure.

Instructor: Rob Nahigian, FRICS, SIOR, CRE, MCR

Rob Nahigian has 47 years of real estate experience with 39 years exclusively in commercial and industrial as a developer, advisor, expert witness and broker of approximately $5.1 billion of real estate totaling 40.1 million square feet. He is recognized as a national and thought leader in his industry; a frequent speaker; and invited columnist to newspapers.

Mr. Nahigian is Principal of Auburndale Realty Co. He provides brokerage/advisory and expert litigation services to public agencies, investment portfolio groups and corporations in New England, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, California and Florida.


$100 each class

$175 for both


$150 each class

$275 for both

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