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Planning trends are changing as cities and counties are strapped with cash, and planning departments are looking for more creative ways to engage residents and business owners. Furthermore, residents and business owners are tired of waiting for government to make progress and are eager to make improvements themselves in their own neighborhoods. Widespread tactical urbanism is a way that communities are creating physical, tangible, doable improvements. Center for Planning Excellence (CPEX) and National Association of REALTORS want to be at the forefront of this movement, utilizing its momentum to implement smart growth. To this end, CPEX will host a two-hour workshop at their Smart Growth Summit that will give participants the tools that they need to leverage public investment to increase their quality of life and quality of place. Through a variety of lenses, national experts will discuss tools, model project examples, and outline action items for participant to apply to their communities. For the past 12 years, CPEX’s annual Smart Growth Summit has brought innovative thinkers, experts and practitioners from around the world together with hundreds of elected officials, civic leaders, planning and design practitioners, and others seeking to make a positive difference in Louisiana. This year, CPEX wants to take this event an important step further: we want to connect the new knowledge and inspired participants at the Summit to action plans that make a difference on the ground. The workshop described below is designed to ensure that the world-renowned expertise featured at our annual Smart Growth Summit is captured and put to immediate use in Louisiana’s communities.

Expert Panelists:

● Jason Roberts, Better Block Foundation

● Kevin Wright, YARD & Company

● Veronica Davis, Nspiregreen LLC & Black Women Bike

● Tommy Pacello, Memphis Medical District Collaborative

● Jennifer Allen, IOBY

● Haley Blakeman, Center for Planning Excellence

Target Groups for Workshop:

● Realtors

● Residents and neighborhood associations

● Businesses and merchant associations

● Attorneys

● Planning, design, and engineering professionals

● Municipal planning and zoning staff

● Municipal public works staff

● Council-members

***Louisiana REALTORS has partnered with the National Association of REALTORS and local REALTOR Associations to sponsor this event.***