The Louisiana REALTORS® online Political Action Center serves as the primary conduit for the association's grassroots advocacy efforts and legislative calls-to-action on issues that impact real estate. Please take a moment and sign up for action alerts.

Our Political Action Committee puts your dollars to work by supporting legislators who support real estate. Your contribution protects real estate and is vital to the future of our industry. 

LARPAC is the political action committee of the Louisiana REALTORS®, serving as the voice in politics for our membership. Through our statewide network of REALTOR® members, we are able to effectively communicate and influence lawmaking activities at the state and federal level.
Friends of Louisiana Real Estate,a PAC that is independent of Louisiana REALTORS® and LARPAC, is devoted to generating public support for state and local candidates whose platforms are aligned with the real estate industry.

















2014 Major Investors   

Hall of Fame

 Presidents Circle    

Bruce Roberts, NWLAR
Carole Horn, RAA
Marbury Little, NOMAR
Marge Garvey, NOMAR
Connie Kyle, GBRAR


Carole Horn, RAA
Connie Kyle, GBRAR
Jerry del Rio, GBRAR
Betty Sun, Bayou
Matt Ritchie, Central
Robert J. Clark, Sr., NELAR
Deanna Norman, NELAR
Kathy Patrick, NELAR
Josie DeGrusha, NOMAR
Marge Garvey, NOMAR
Marbury Little, NOMAR
Bruce Roberts, NWLAR
Norman Morris, Louisiana REALTORS®

Golden R

Crystal R

Carole Horn, RAA
Connie Kyle, GBRAR
Matt Ritchie, Central
Evelyn Wolford, NOMAR
Josie DeGrusha, NOMAR
Marge Garvey, NOMAR
Marbury Little, NOMAR
Bruce Roberts, NWLAR


Bill Boyd, Bayou

Stephen Myers, GBRAR
Sarah Cook, NOMAR
Nina Loup, NOMAR

Norman Morris, Louisiana REALTORS®

Sterling R




Emily Babineax

William Bacqué
Kelly Burge

Claire Disch
Deborah Foreman

Harrison Fuselier
Eloise Gauthier

Peggy Grace

Sandra Guidroz

Troy Hebert
Wendy Howell
Al Lopez

Nancy Marcotte

Ree Mere

Jason Ray



Betty Sun

Pam Testroet



Elaine Setliff

Page Walker



Logan Morris 


Cathy Craddock
Jerry Del Rio

Bridget Fredericks

Linda Gaspard
Ginger Maulden

Andrea McKey

David McKey

Tiffany Palmer

Wynona Squires

Jane St. Amant

Pat Wattam
Carolyn Webber
Jeffrey Welsh

Donna Wolff



Aaron Goolsby
Kay Landry



Janice Bolton
Brad Ferguson
Edgar Gaddis
Michele Todtenbier



David Holloway

Carole Woodward


Patricia Burgoyne

Beth Cristina

Lucille D’Angelo

Robert Ebberman

Lesha Freeland
Glenn Gardner
Becky Ray Giroir

Tom Giroir
Craig Mirambell

Lynda Nugent Smith

Claudette Reuther

Mark O. Rodi

Sylvia Roy

Frank Trapani

Mary Vastola

Phoebe Whealdon

Missy Whittington



Paula Beasley
Paddy Blackard
Jean Carraway
Robert J. Clark, Sr. 
Gretchen Ezernack
Jackie Guillot

Ella Loud

Lily Mann
Diane McAdams

Deanna Norman
Mark Ouchley
Kathy Patrick
Al Peterson

Gladys Smith
Jess Smith 
Wiley Robert


Karen Baker
Bridget Benton
Dawna Bledsoe
Elaine Bonner
Hayli CAgle
Linda Christiansen
Ben Dowis
Cindy Dyer

Jeff Free

Brad Gosslee
Carolyn Grimsley
Roland Hall

Travis Hargrave
Terry Hayward
Judy Holland

Frances King
Susan King

Jeri Little
Judy Lovell
Jonathan Newton
Jolinda Redling

Jenny Spivey

Benjamin Walker

Mindy Wardlaw

Curtis Wright
Jeffrey Wyatt 



Regina Allemand 



Tony Cornner

Tara Demarie

Judy Moffett

Richman Reinauer

Grace Robideaux

Valerie Unkel

Association Contributors

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Northeast Louisiana Association of REALTORS®

Northwest Louisiana Association of REALTORS®

Northwest Louisiana Association of REALTORS® MLS

Shreveport Commercial Investment Division

Shreveport Women's Council of REALTORS®






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