Legal Hotline Form

The Louisiana REALTORS® Legal Hotline allows our broker members to receive answers to questions pertaining to real estate law and compliance issues. Brokers simply submit their questions using the Legal Hotline Form. Questions are then referred to the appropriate legal counsel and a response is forwarded to brokers within two business days.

This valuable member service allows access to legal advice without incurring hourly lawyer fees. Questions received through the Hotline allows Louisiana REALTORS® to track issues of concern to its members and develop programs and services to address them.

If you have questions regarding the Legal Hotline, please email Ali Bagbey

Legal Hotline Archive

The online Louisiana REALTORS® Legal Hotline Archive allows members to view past Hotline inquiries and responses. This archive currently covers inquiries and responses for the period of October 1996 through July 2007. We would like to remind you that all responses featured in the archive are time sensitive. They reflect the law, regulations and ethical considerations in effect at the time of the response. We consequently caution against reliance on any response without further inquiry. Responses to the legal questions should not be construed as specific legal advice, nor are they designed to cover every aspect of a legal situation or every factual circumstance that may arise, nor is a Hotline response a substitute for your own attorney. It is merely an opportunity share what legal issues other REALTORS® are facing and, hopefully, to heighten your awareness with respect to specific issues. View Archive Index>>