LR Leadership 2015 revised

Behind every successful REALTOR® is a sense of community. The more you know about and are involved in the area that you live and sell in, the more successful you are likely to be.

Recognizing this, Louisiana REALTORS® has established LR Leadership, a leadership development program similar to the acclaimed Leadership Louisiana and many successful local chamber of commerce programs, but from a real estate perspective.

This unique educational opportunity is not only about making you a better REALTOR®, it is also about building your community and becoming a successful leader throughout your life!

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2015 Retreat Schedule

Retreat 1: March 12-13; Baton Rouge
Retreat 2: April 30-May 1; Marksville
Retreat 3: August 20-21; New Orleans 
Retreat 4: Sept. 14; Lake Charles- Graduation

What do these graduates have to say about the LR Leadership program?

08 read margaretWhile the LR Leadership program was a great opportunity to meet other leaders in the Louisiana real estate community, the insights and personal development expansions are a life time gift!  It's been helpful in working in the community and in working with my clients.- Margaret Read

LR Leadership was a blast and a privilege.  You don't want to miss the opportunity to learn about who you are and how you can help others succeed. - Judy Holland

LR Leadership has inspired me to not only learn more about my association and my desire to serve, but also raised my awareness of how to apply those skills to my business as well.  The bonds and friendships formed with my peers in leadership have exceeded all expectations I had when I started the program. -Rick Roberts

I loved the interaction that LR Leadership stressed.  Not only did we learn about ourselves, we were able to put what we learned into practice. - Rusty Beckham

LR Leadership was a wonderful experience! I learned so much about our state organization and real estate in Louisiana and so enjoyed meeting the wonderful people who attended the program with me from all over the state. - John Howard

At first I was not sure what to expect, but I am glad I chose to apply.  I feel that each session I attended, I was able to take something back from it and apply into my professional life.  I also made new friends and real estate contacts across Louisiana.  It was worth my time. - Troy Hebert

The adage, “you cannot teach and old dog new tricks”, does not apply if you take LR Leadership. If you want to learn more about yourself and how to better work with and for others, I strongly recommend LR Leadership.I would be glad to advocate this position at any time. Thanks LR for this program. - Bob Stevens

I'm so happy that I was chosen to participate as part of the LR Leadership 2010 Class.  The things I learned about Real Estate and about myself are priceless.  I also established relationships with other Realtors across that state that I will always cherish. - Lori McCarthy

I approached the LR Leadership program with a little skepticism. After the first day I was hooked and there wasn't a chance I would have missed any of the classes. After 53 years of living I felt my eyes had been opened to dealing with people and how differently people think and what people, different than myself, have to offer. - Jon Norman

Thank you so much for the opportunity to grow.  What was meant as a tool to help in my Real Estate Career and Business has completely touched my heart in a whole different way.  The things we learned are being put to use by me on a daily basis Being a single mom and now having grown adult children, this class has really shown me in “them” how to treat other people.  If they are different than others, see those differences, respect them and respond to them.  I have truly learned that in the relationships that I have and continue to build with my clients, business associates and family and friends, these relationships must be treated and approached in the manner that is the respectful and one that shows that I really do care what they are trying to tell me or get me to understand. I just can’t say enough in a tiny space about how much this opportunity through LR Leadership has improved my attitude, my approach to people, my responses to situations that might be a little more difficult than the norm and just my general outlook as I deal with individuals more on a one on one basis, even or especially if it is a strictly business conversation. Thank you again so very much for this opportunity. I will continue to use what I have learned and remember these experiences with gratitude and appreciation. - Jayne Tappe