Louisiana REALTORS® is the trusted voice of real estate.



Providing optimum member resources while serving as the advocate 
for REALTORS® members and consumers.


Providing programs and services to REALTORS® and local associations. 

1. Deliver relevant programs, benefits and services.

2. Monitor and report trends affecting real estate.

3. Collaborate with local associations, residential and commercial REALTORS®

4. Promote legislative and regulatory successes. 

5. Provide relationship opportunities through networking and leadership. 

Advocating for REALTORS® and consumers to protect private property rights. 

1. Lead the public debate on real estate issues related to private property rights. 

2. Collaborate on issues with the Louisiana Real Estate Commission and local associations. 

3. Engage members, consumers and Limited Function Relief Offices through participation in the political process at all levels. 

4. Facilitate REALTOR® investment in LARPAC and My REALTOR® Party programs. 

5. Promote affordable housing, sustainability and smart growth. 

6. Invest in relationships and lobbying resources at the State Capitol. 

Engaging the public and community by serving as the voice of real estate. 

1. Promote the value of choosing a REALTOR®. 

2. Foster relationships and work with local associations, industry groups and elected officials to advocate for real estate issues. 

3. Educate consumers about the REALTOR® brand and the Code of Ethics.

4. Promote benefits of real estate ownership. 

5. Support housing affordability. 

6. Work with media to communicate REALTOR® issues. 

7. Support community causes through charitable efforts. 

Facilitating professionalism through education and compliance. 

1. Provide members with education and resources to enhance competency and compliance. 

2. Support professional standards and the Code of Ethics through Grievance and Mediation platforms at the local and state levels. 

3. Provide leadership training for state and local associations and their staff. 

4. Educate members on diversity and changing business models. 

5. Maintain and expand educational accreditations. 

6. Offer education on technology and social media processes and policies. 

Leading a nationally recognized REALTOR® association. 

1. Achieve National Association of REALTORS® Core Standards compliance. 

2. Continuously improve in association governance processes and documents. 

3. Pursue Louisiana Quality Excellence Award and other standards of distinction. 

4. Maintain financial solvency, accountability and transparency. 

5. Diversify non-dues revenue sources. 

6. Assist local boards in NAR Core Standards compliance. 

7. Utilize dashboards to track and report performance metrics. 

8. Maintain sufficient professional staffing to carry out the plan and serve the members. 

Investing in technology advance the strategic goals. 

1. Maximize investment in and use of technology. 

2. Facilitate technology solutions to assist local boards. 

3. Lead the way in social media use. 

4. Integrate technology to all elements of the strategic plan and LR operations.