Louisiana REALTORS® is the trusted voice of real estate.



Louisiana REALTORS® provides optimum services and benefits to REALTOR® members
and is the public policy advocate on real estate issues for REALTOR® members and the consumers they serve.


Advocate on behalf of REALTORS® and consumers to promote private property rights and a strong real estate market.

  • Lead public debate on real estate issues
  • Expand influence by fostering relationships with local associations, industry groups and elected officials to advocate for private property rights and a strong real estate market
  • Collaborate with Louisiana Real Estate Commission (LREC) to promote members’ interests while protecting consumer rights
  • Promote legislative successes to members, industry partners and the public
  • Engage members as active participants in the political process at all levels and as advocates for property owners.

Enhance REALTOR® professionalism through education and enforcement of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics.

  • Provide REALTOR® members with education and other resources to enhance their professional competence and compliance with the law and the Code of Ethics
  • Provide training for volunteer members serving on Professional Standards, Grievance and Mediation teams at the local and state level
  • Enforce the Code of Ethics with an efficient and effective state-level Professional Conduct program and provide support for local board enforcement
  • Educate consumers about the REALTOR® brand and the Code of Ethics

Engage REALTOR® members in the Association and provide relevant and valuable programs and services to REALTOR® members.

  • Evaluate changes and trends affecting the real estate industry and solicit input from REALTOR® members to ensure that member services remain relevant and valuable
  • Deliver high quality, cost-effective, and relevant programs and services that enhance member profitability and meet the needs of both brokers and agents
  • Collaborate with local associations, industry partners and brokers to develop and deliver services to REALTOR® members
  • Promote Louisiana REALTORS® products and services to members
  • Ensure governance structure facilitates transparency and accountability and encourages member participation

Provide REALTOR® members and the public with accurate and relevant information about the REALTOR® brand and the real estate industry in Louisiana.

  • Collect and analyze statewide data to provide members and the public with industry trends and analysis of the real estate market in Louisiana
  • Enhance the Louisiana REALTOR® brand by providing consumer resources that promote home ownership and a healthy real estate market in Louisiana
  • Promote value of choosing a REALTOR® to consumers and the value of REALTOR® membership to licensees
  • Use a variety of media to communicate effectively with REALTOR® members and the public and foster strong relationships with the news media to ensure that Louisiana REALTORS® is the trusted voice of real estate in Louisiana
  • Explore ways the Louisiana REALTORS® can enhance local and regional data exchanges/listing services